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Your own carrying line
Creating a conveyor belt to meet the needs and requirements of your own production line is of utmost importance for Lakidis Food Processing Machinery. With the ability to fully customise and adjust the number of operators, the cut up line carries and shares the processed raw material to the separate processing points.
Personalised solutions with practical applications
The preparation of the donner, and especially the set up process, requires precision and absolute control. Lakidis Food Processing Machinery set up tables, in various versions and always according to the number of operators required, have all the features that allow their users to move comfortably and easily and precisely perform the set up process at each preparation stage.
Convenience Meat Processing Technology
Lakidis Food Processing Machinery Meat Flatteners are a step towards convenience food solutions. Meat Products are conveyed, pressed and rolled in the most delicate way, while safety and quality standards remain a top priority.
Precision and cutting speed
Each industrial food sector requires a specialised cutting machine. Emphasising on quality, performance and safety, Lakidis Food Processing Machinery creates specialised codes in the category of frozen meat cutting machines, focusing on the size of the processed product, the safety and quality of the result.
Quality and precision
The transformation of ground meat into the finished product requires pieces precision and speed. Size, shape and weight are adjusted according to the requirements and molding can produce the excellent result of a precise and rapid production. All hamburger machines of this category can be precisely adjusted to the desired result, ensuring quality, precision and safety.
Practical support solutions
Meat transport and lifting arms are an essential component of production optimisation, eliminating extra labour and the effort to lift, by supporting transport.
Integrated mechanical lifting support
The issue of lifting raw material to supply processing machines is of utmost importance, as it transfers human effort to the mechanical part, speeding up processing to the maximum and reducing workload at the same time.
Comprehensive meat process
A necessary step to all food production companies prior to mixing and product forming. A delicate grind of red meat, poultry, fish and puff-pastry products is adding taste and makes further processing easier to handle. Lakidis Food Processing Machinery meat grinding machines are a direct product of the company’s philosophy.
Pre-processing automation
The process of skin removal and filleting requires time, detail and precision of handling. For this reason, Lakidis Food Processing Machinery creates skinning and filleting machines, covering the entire pre-processing, with full ability to adjust the removal depth for ultimate result precision.
Ολοκληρωμένη επεξεργασία κρέατος
One of the most smart, innovative, and useful solution in food processing. The mixer grinders have acted as a major revolutionary category in the world of industrial meat processing. They are a key solution to petfood production and can be used for future vegan and meatless recipes.

Starting from the homogeneously mixing, progressing to the powerful grinding, these machines combine the benefits of two food production stages in one! Lakidis Mixer Grinders suit the needs of butcheries, food processors, hypermarkets, restaurants, catering units, petfood producers and kebab manufacturers etc.
Specialised mixing of raw materials
The specialisation in the mixer operation is the principal parameter in optimising the production line. Browse Lakidis Food Processing Machinery specialised kneading solutions and choose the one that suits your production specifications.
The versatility in the service of manufacturing
The process of baking, brewing, drying, or smoking food is a matter of responsibility for the quality of its result and the process precision. For this reason, Lakidis Food Processing Machinery electric ovens feature a special electronic programming panel and a special gas control system to ensure result precision, as well as easy and extremely efficient handling.
Absolute specialisation
The special requirements of the pastirma production process, with the application of proper pressure, meat dehydration and additional processing, are completely met with Lakidis Food Processing Machinery pastirma presses, equipped with a stainless steel frame and functional parts ready to meet these demanding requirements.
LAKIDIS tumbler TBL 90 is designed and developed for the production of meat products. Programmable control system for various solutions, vacuum during tumbler operation and the drum swivels electromechanically high loading capacity.
Browse the categories and find out the products of Lakidis Food Processing Machinery that specialize and are destined for your own production line.
After sale service & support
The well-trained technical support team of the company has the ability to offer immediately and comprehensively its services, both in maintenance and the possible repair and solution of any problem.
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