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Lakidis Food Processing Machinery

Lakidis S.A. supports the development of new technology applications to produce specialised proposals for each type and kind of food raw materials that can undergo the necessary processing. With the most up-to-date technical means, the R & D team consistently contributes to the development of new product codes and applications, offering to each customer a comprehensive solution that fits perfectly to their own production line, ensuring both top quality of their result and speed and economy of the procedure.

Upon completion of the tests and the practical completion of innovation integration, all final applications are adapted to the product code variations, while they are also available for a first acquaintance in the showroom of the company’s facilities.

The application of innovations allows Lakidis Food Processing Machinery to create new codes, which correspond to a very wide range of raw materials to be processed. Thus, the indicative categories of raw materials originate from meat, vegetables, pastries and puff pastries, to extend to biscuits, seafood, spices, and even pet food.

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