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Lakidis SA is the leading representative of the food processing machinery manufacturing industry in Greece. Founded in 1965 and headquartered in Thessaloniki, the company has been a continuously growing construction unit of integrated solutions in the field of food machinery, following a course that has led to the development of more than 20 active product codes and to its dominant presence both in the Greek industrial market and in more than 22 countries around the world.
Company presentation
Lakidis Facilities
Lakidis Food Processing Machinery privately owned facilities are the result of a study on the integrated optimisation of the company’s vertical production line, for the quality accommodation of its administrative and management services, as well as for the standard hosting of an integrated showroom where any interested professional can find fully functional versions of the company’s production codes. The total area of the facilities covers 5,000m2; their physical address is on the 14th km of the old National Road of Thessaloniki – Veria.
Lakidis Philosophy
The philosophy of Lakidis Food Processing Machinery is the basis of its production and its presence in the industrial and commercial field.
Investing in the latest technology and know-how
Dedicated to maintaining the most modern production line, the company invests both in state-of-the-art technological equipment and in ensuring the highest level of know-how of its personnel.
Non-stop research and production development
Dedicated to the development of the most innovative finished products, Lakidis S.A. invests consistently in the research and development of new applications, with both specialised and customised additions to its production codes.
Comprehensive Customer service and support
It is the code of professional ethics, direct professional communication and in-depth knowledge of the field that define the framework of direct and most complete service for all our customers through both direct communication with Lakidis Food Processing Machinery and through the network of dealers and partners.
Precision and consistency
One of the most consistent values of Lakidis S.A. philosophy is the precision of construction specifications, which are the byword for top quality and reliability of the products, as well as the consistency with regard to the delivery schedule as defined within the framework of cooperation.
Lakidis Production
Lakidis Food Processing Machinery hosts the entire production process in its 5,000m2 privately owned facilities. The construction of the company’s codes starts with the exclusive raw materials, runs through each stage and is always completed in the company’s facilities, essentially following a vertical production line.

Focusing on the precision and consistency of the result and service, the fully trained personnel of the company develops food processing raw materials to fully cover the production and processing lines of our partners, ensuring top quality and specialised functionality.

Thanks to the exclusive production of the products, Lakidis S.A. has both turnkey products in its showroom and the possibility for the support technical team to directly intervene in the maintenance or possible repair of its products.

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    The well-trained technical support team of the company has the ability to offer direct and complete services for both maintenance and possible repair and solution of any problem.
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