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hamburger machines for precise, safety and rapid production


Quality and precision
The transformation of ground meat into the finished product requires pieces precision and speed. Size, shape and weight are adjusted according to the requirements and molding can produce the excellent result of a precise and rapid production. All hamburger machines of this category can be precisely adjusted to the desired result, ensuring quality, precision and safety.


With the ability to fully adapt both supply and production parameters, Lakidis Food Processing Machinery formulates innovative solutions to fully meet the ground meat production line needs. With certified raw materials and personalised processing applications, the hamburger machine is a product of expertise, meeting quality and top safety standards, and it is harmoniously combined with all the other manufacturing steps.

automatic hamburger forming machine for meat and other food products, equipped with a 40 lit bowl
Hamburger Machines - Automatic Forming - Big Productivity

FR200L is an Automatic Hamburger Forming Machine for meat and other food products. The machine is capable of producing 15-30 hits per minute.

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