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The History of Lakidis S.A. goes back at 1965, in Thessaloniki, where Nikolaos Lakidis, a refugee from Constantinople, sets up, together with his father, a small machine shop in Giannitson Street. The passion for machining and the thorough study of both the needs and the available technology of the food processing industry lead Nikolaos Lakidis to orient his business to sausage processing. This first step will lead to the construction of a series of specialised meat processing machines bearing the label “Lakidis Michanimata Epeksergasias Trofimon”.

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Historical Background

The benchmark of the gradual development of this first phase of this company is in 1985, with the creation of its first factory outside the city of Thessaloniki, for the comprehensive support of enlarged production. The rapid growth of the company makes imperative the reinstallation of Lakidis Food Processing Machinery in 1986 at a bridging point of the region, for comprehensive access and functionality coverage, while, for the same reason, within two years, its dynamic production facilities are enhanced by another 1000m2.

The ‘90s

During the ‘90s, the continuous expansion of the production process led to an increase in needs, that inevitably led, by the year 2000, to the creation of privately owned facilities of an area of 5000m2, where they are now installed the production and administration of the company, supported by the most integrated infrastructure.

The ‘00s

In the first decade of 2000, Lakidis S.A. performs a strong strategic export planning, which leads to the creation of a modern and integrated network of dealers and partners, nowadays covering the provision of products and customers support and partners in more than 22 countries.


Today, Lakidis S.A. disposes of one of the strongest corporate profiles in the field of food processing machinery production, with many production codes, personalized innovation solutions, as well as a dynamic and continuous presence in both the Greek and the global market.

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