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23 January 2024

From Small to Big: A Customer Journey Case Study in Cyprus

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The Comparison of Poultry Industry in Cyprus between 2023 and 2023

In Cyprus, the production of poultry meat reached 27.77 thousand tonnes in December 2023, according to EUROSTAT data. This marked a record high for poultry production in the country. Looking ahead, here’s what the forecast indicates:

  1. 2024 Projection: The sector is expected to experience growth, with an estimated 3.7% increase in chicken meat production compared to 2023. This would result in a production volume of up to 15.35 million tonnes.

While these numbers provide valuable insights, it’s essential to consider various factors that may influence poultry production, including market dynamics, consumer preferences, and industry developments. The Cyprus Meat & Poultry Market outlook remains an area of interest for stakeholders, and monitoring trends and forecasts will be crucial for informed decision-making.


In this case study, we’ll explore how a small food company in Cyprus overcame challenges in finding an effective solution for their industrial chicken mixing needs with the help of LAKIDIS SA. Let’s discover how they achieved significant growth with LAKIDIS SA’s guidance and expertise.

The Initial Challenge: Finding an Effective Solution for Industrial Chicken Mixing Needs 

In 2012, a food company from Cyprus approached LAKIDIS SA for an effective solution to their industrial chicken mixing needs. LAKIDIS SA recommended the PL450L industrial mixer, which not only met their requirements but also provided excellent after-sales service. The installation of the PL450L improved their operations, resulting in higher productivity and customer satisfaction.

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PL450L Industrial Mixer

PL450L Industrial Mixer

Satisfaction and Expansion: Investing in Additional Equipment

Impressed by LAKIDIS SA’s performance and service, the food company expanded their capabilities by purchasing additional equipment. This included a flaker FR100 for frozen meat cutting and a Crossfeed Grinder MLK130L Premix, which improved their production capabilities and efficiency. As a result, they established themselves as a reliable supplier in the industry, meeting their customers’ needs effectively.

Achieving Growth: Upgrading to the Bigger Mixer PL900L

PL900L Industrial Mixer

PL900L Industrial Mixer

The food company’s continued growth led them to upgrade their industrial mixer to the larger PL900L model, allowing them to significantly scale up production and meet growing customer demands. This upgrade proved to be a game-changer, resulting in even higher customer satisfaction and business growth.

3D PL900L

3D PL900L



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