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Lakidis Food Processing Machinery

The production of the processing machines is entirely carried out by Lakidis SA, in a vertical production line. From the certified raw materials which the company owns, to the final assembly and installation, it is characterised by the top quality, the strictest specifications and the credibility of the name.

The company’s specialised personnel, as well as the latest technology equipment, both in research and design, as well as in the production, ensure the construction and delivery time precision – two principal values that govern the entire production, from the company’s very first steps until today. In the field of construction, Lakidis S.A. also extends to the construction of ancillary components, such as molds, forming plates and forming sets, for specialised handling and shaping of finished products.

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    The well-trained technical support team of the company has the ability to offer direct and complete services for both maintenance and possible repair and solution of any problem.
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