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Column Loaders and lifting machines for optimizing speed and maximize safety for employees


Integrated mechanical lifting support
The issue of lifting raw material to supply processing machines is of utmost importance, as it transfers human effort to the mechanical part, speeding up processing to the maximum and reducing workload at the same time.


Lakidis Food Processing Machinery creates innovative lifting applications, which, either automatically or as an add-on to the processing machines, optimise speed while maximising the safety of weight transfer, directly to the processing line.

  1. Ease and reliability in handling
  2. Personalised applications
  3. Function features customisation
  4. Excellent combination
  5. Certified quality of materials and operation
  6. Raw material handling safety
ELV300L heavy duty loader
Column Loaders 120, 200, 300 lit bins - Export Worldwide

Μηχάνημα ανύψωσης ειδικού κάδου χωρητικότητας 200 λίτρων, για την τροφοδοσία μηχανημάτων επεξεργασίας τροφίμων.

elv200 machine is ideal for loading and unloading 200 liter bins at specific heights
Column Loaders 120, 200, 300 lit bins - Export Worldwide

The column loader ELV-200 is made for loading and unloading 200 lit. bins at specific heights.

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