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Ολοκληρωμένη επεξεργασία κρέατος
One of the most smart, innovative, and useful solution in food processing. The mixer grinders have acted as a major revolutionary category in the world of industrial meat processing. They are a key solution to petfood production and can be used for future vegan and meatless recipes.

Starting from the homogeneously mixing, progressing to the powerful grinding, these machines combine the benefits of two food production stages in one! Lakidis Mixer Grinders suit the needs of butcheries, food processors, hypermarkets, restaurants, catering units, petfood producers and kebab manufacturers etc.


Focusing on innovation, convenience, and user safety, LAKIDIS SA helps you maximize the output of your own production driven by precision, quality and top results.

  1. Specialized cutting, processing and blending applications
  2. Possibility to use additional components (nerve removal system)
  3. Specialization per type of raw material and product requested
  4. Harmonization with leading hygiene and safety standards
  5. Construction and operation guarantee

Lakidis Hybrid 900/160 is an industrial mixer grinder combining a mixer with a hopper capacity of 900 lt. and an automatic grinder with 160 mincing head Hybrid 900/160 mixer grinder is constructed to Lakidis quality standards. This combination of two (2) machines in one (1) is built to meet LAKIDIS Quality standards. The mixer grinder […]

MG100 Mixer Grinder

MG100 is a unit that is both a mixer and grinder, with great application due to limited floor space requirement, low feeding height and great productivity.

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