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FR200L is an Automatic Hamburger Forming Machine for meat and other food products. It is equipped with a 40 lit bowl and a stainless steel conveyor 800mm x 200mm; based on 4 rotating wheels with breaks. FR200L is capable of producing 15-30 hits per minute therefore 1800 hamburgers/hour of various shapes and volumes. When the formed product doesn’t include meat content, then productivity may be subject to changes.

This is a fourth (4th) generation model and it is developed highly in terms of motion technology. Two (2) separate motors provide movement to the feeding rotor and the product out feed conveyor. Due to an updated design of rotor separation technology, partial product feeding can be achieved. The same element allows the machine to work as a free flow sausage filler. The above are controlled from an external panel attached on the machine.

The electrical electronic board is designed for easy access to better suit maintenance, repair needs. It also contains equipment which allow far from site inspection. The geometry of the shapes that the machine forms the meat products into can vary in thickness and weight. The hamburger’s forming plate is made of plastic suitable for food products and its dimensions are 620×180 with a maximum thickness 16 mm. With a customized order the machine can be supplied with a special system for soutzoukaki (croquet, chevapsisi, kiofte). Again here the weight and thickness can vary according to the customer’s needs.

Motor Power: 2 x 2,2 Kw
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