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21 June 2023

Gyros & doner kebab machines for industrial production by Lakidis S.A.

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Gyros & doner kebab machines for industrial production: How to ensure quality and big production volumes, with food innovative solutions.

Greek gyros seems to have originated as a dish from Asia Minor. Large-scale gyro production began in the mid-20th century when pioneering entrepreneurs recognized the opportunity lying ahead. Technology and equipment progressed from simple preparation devices to modern, automated systems, enabling wide-scale production and distribution.


Since 2018, gyros recipe has been sealed as Greek, as an effort by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food to protect the authentic method of gyros production.


Where does large-scale gyros and doner production stand today from a technological perspective? Which machines combine meat processing safety with maximising efficiency at a large-scale level?


Let’s first explore the standards and safety regulations, and then we will discuss the role of machines in quality assurance.



Regulations and quality assurance directives


Large-scale gyros production is subject to strict quality assurance regulations. Respective specifications ensure the quality and safety of materials, while hygiene regulations provide guidance on cleanliness and production hygiene at every stage of meat processing. In addition, stringent regulations are followed to ensure the safety of the staff.


Doner kebab machines for large-scale production


Gyros or doner kebab machines are used to automate processes and simultaneously facilitate safety regulation compliance. Specialised meat skinning machines, for example, are used for removing the skin and filleting the meat in equal sized pieces. These machines are designed to eliminate any possibility of operator injury through an intelligent auto shutdown mechanism when the cover is lifted.

Advantages of a meat skinning machine:


  • Ability to adjust the skin thickness removal and fillet sizing*
  • CE certification
  • Automatic shutdown when the cover is lifted for safety purposes
  • Easy disassembly for cleaning
  • High-quality and robust manufacturing
  • 1 year factory warranty



Meat skinning machine VR555


Meat skinning machine VR434


Additionally, specialised doner kebab machines are used to cut the meat into the desired size, and specifically designed doner setup tables are utilised for both cutting and shaping gyros and doner. These tables are equipped with meat weight control systems and can also accommodate sensors that monitor grilling temperatures. Temperature sensoring ensures that the food is cooked in accordance with proper techniques and stringent safety standards to guarantee optimal cooking quality and adherence to safety guidelines.

Doner setup tables can be used for fast and precise cutting, slicing, or shaping into doner form.This guarantees uniformity in the size and shape of each piece, facilitating consistent cooking results. Moreover, the utilisation of such a table enables expedited production timelines, thereby enhancing productivity and bolstering overall profitability of the enterprise.


Implementing standardised and meticulously regulated cooking processes mitigates the potential hazards of foodborne illnesses arising from inadequate cooking techniques or external contaminations.

By ensuring uniform and well-controlled cooking practices, the risk of such consequences is significantly minimised.


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Advantages of doner setup tables:


  • Increased productivity
  • Consistent and homogeneous cooking
  • Ease of handling
  • Effortless cleaning
  • Compliance with rigorous safety standards


Doner table for multiple users

Large-scale gyros & doner production in the future

The future of large-scale gyros and doner production is shaped by emerging technologies that bring about even greater automation. This indicates the possibility of witnessing further automated processes, from material processing to final packaging.

The goal of automation is to achieve economies of scale while maintaining the quality of the raw materials and their exceptional taste. This has always been a significant challenge in the food industry: preserving the traditional flavour and quality of the product even in mass production.


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Tabletop gyros and doner kebab machines have revolutionised the food processing industry. Not only do they increase production efficiency, but they also contribute to maintaining high levels of hygiene in the workplace.



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Lakidis S.A. manufactures food processing machines that adhere to European quality assurance standards while offering solutions that respect the tradition of flavours in the final product. This philosophy serves as our driving force for dedicated research, design, and impeccable manufacturing of large-scale gyros and doner kebab machines, not only in Greece but also for foodservice businesses in more than 22 countries worldwide.


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