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1 September 2021

What’s so Special about MLG160L Grinder?

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Having a great meat grinder in your production area revolutionises the way you make your brand’s food products. Lakidis MLG160L will get you on your way to making the best ground beef, pork, chicken, or types of meat you want to grind! Even if it’s organic, local, grass-fed you’ll be making the most delicious, juicy hamburger patties, sausages etc. , of your life.

Lakidis Grinder MLG160L is a real king that produces 2500kg/hr and +more, with availability to use Unger & Enterprise cutting system !

MLG160L efficiently processes both fresh and frozen raw materials.

The cutting set ( knives – plates – precutters )  are going to handle a lot of product without any loss.

The extra amazing feature ?  Thanks to the corner feeding worm, large pieces of meat are transported safely to the knives worm .

A wide range of innovative grinding solutions to meat, poultry, seafood, pet food, vegetables and cheese food products are provided under Lakidis SA brand.

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