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10 January 2020

The Art of Mixing

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The most important step to product quality is the raw material .  Food manufacturers who use the best raw materials for their products (Burgers , Chicken Burgers, Sausages, Doner Kebab, Pastry Filling Products, etc.) , do manufacture first-class food products . 

Production lines get a higher value , when a #supermixer  gets involved. 

Necessary ingredient of this success story , is mixing of raw materials in state-of-the-art machines.


Lakidis SA covers specific mixing requirements in 22 countries worldwide. Thanks to its team’s specialized technical knowledge, our company constantly presents cutting-edge solutions for fast and optimum mixing of raw materials.

Specialised paddle design, carefully shaped  angles, numerous inclinationsformations combined with single or variable speed are delivering very tasty results. Choosing right or left direction, mixing with or without vacuum , LAKIDIS Mixers take pride to deliver a high-quality end product.


The process of Mixing , the way the ingredients combine to produce the perfect blend of color, texture, taste and structure is what we achieve with our mixing technology.

burger, sausage, macaron


Our SMALLEST player , but yet robust and hight performing , is our 40lit model. This can be found in small buther shops , supermarkers and delicetessen lovers kitchens.

The highly-innovative Lakidis LM 40 mixing machine is a machine that will be loved, as it gives your preparations full, well-made and extremely tasty fillings. Its flexible construction makes it ideal for small-scale food productions, butcher shops , supermarkets, bakeries and Cooking Labs.

lm40 butcher shop

Book a demo meeting at LAKIDIS SA facilities to get a closer look at the main features of LM 40!


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